Manicure and Pedicure

Looking at your own well-groomed and beautiful hands is uplifting in itself. This is what we all see every day in front of us. A good mood allows you to significantly improve the quality of life and enjoy it. A beautiful manicure is not just a whim, but a valuable investment in a sense of happiness and satisfaction with life.




If you want to grow nails that look as natural and aesthetic as possible, visit our manicurists. They will make acrylic or gel nail extensions of the desired shape and length. If necessary, they will tell you which options are best for you.

Also, you can always correct and remove nail extensions, and get manicure design services.


Choosing a salon is not an easy task. Someone follows the recommendations of friends but agrees that this is a subjective assessment based on personal criteria, which may differ markedly from yours.

The following factors in maintaining the quality of services and safety speak in favor of our salon:

The masters who work in the salon undergo mandatory qualification and testing according to internal standards.

Only professional materials and tools are used in the work.

All employees adhere to a strict safety and sterility protocol when providing services.

The procedure is carried out clearly in the specified period, which allows you to adhere to your daily routine and plans.

The possibility of carrying out several procedures at the same time saves 2-3 times the time for a scheduled visit to the salon.

Control of each employee in terms of compliance with the protocol of work safety requirements.

Technological equipment and apparatus, allow you to get all the services with maximum comfort.

A nail salon is, first of all, its masters. Each specialist who is allowed to work with clients undergoes special training and receives professional qualifications. To fully unlock the potential of the master who provides manicure services, we provide the best materials and tools that are offered by the beauty market today.


Our beauty salon offers a comprehensive manicure and pedicure service in Queens. This means that simultaneously with classic hand care, you can use the service of decorative nail design. In particular, we make the monophonic or multi-colored textured coating, and French manicures, and implement complex nail design using applied decorative elements and artistic painting.

Here is our team


Most frequent questions and answers

Manicure service involves hygienic treatment of hands and carrying out medical or restorative procedures, if necessary. Manicure and pedicure are performed by the classical method, technological apparatus, or a combined method.

Prices for a manicure and pedicures do not depend on the chosen master, as in a mediocre nail salon. A manicure and pedicures performed by different specialists will cost the same. Each master is top-notch and has a proven qualification.

Nails are covered with professional gel polish. If you want to take a break from color, the nail design is not performed, and the nail is covered only with the base and top. Hands look well-groomed and healthy. The price list of manicures includes many types of coating, from the classic jacket to rubbing, confetti, and mica with artistic nail painting. Bring the photo of the design you like to the master, and this idea will decorate your pens for the next three weeks.

When performing a manicure or pedicure, the master adheres to a certain technology. Professional service is not only sterility, high-quality tools, and materials. It is also a control over the qualifications of the master practicing in the salon. If you decide to enroll in our center, then be sure that the coverage will be carried out in compliance with all technologies, and that your health will be safe. For your convenience, we have online registration. When choosing services, you can familiarize yourself with the price list to find out the cost of each. Turn routine self-care into a pleasant and time-consuming procedure. Our beauty salon provides every opportunity to improve the quality of life in this regard.

n the context of a pandemic in the United States for many years now, low-budget salons have neglected such measures, which allows them to keep prices and salon income at the usual level at the expense of safety. This approach is unacceptable to us. Health has always been more important than beauty, so any manicure begins with disinfection of the workplace, the master changes the mask and gloves, and prepares disposable and sterilized reusable tools in individual craft bags that will be unpacked in front of the client immediately before use. A bactericidal lamp of a closed type is continuously working in the cabin and disinfects the room according to the standards of medical institutions.

After a manicure and pedicure, each master will give recommendations on caring for hands and cuticles after the procedure, tell you how long the coating will last, when to come for correction, and how to prolong the wear of the varnish. The basic recommendations will be moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the hands, cuticle oil, as well as respect for the nails. The master will also talk about the latest in hand care and recommend good products to maintain their health and beauty.