Eyelash Extension in NYC

Eyelash extensions are not only beautiful but also very convenient. The procedure is especially popular in the summer, during the season of holidays, graduations, and weddings.

Eyelash correction

Eyelash extensions fall out along with natural eyelashes, which is natural. The term depends on the individual characteristics of each organism and the impact of certain negative environmental factors. On average, the “life” of artificial eyelashes is 6 weeks, but correction may be required 3-4 weeks after the procedure. 

The growth rate of eyelashes is significantly different, so after this period, each girl’s eyelash row may look different. For example, one will have more than 50% of artificial eyelashes, while the other will have only 25%. In the first case, a correction is required. It involves gluing new lashes onto natural lashes to fill in the gaps in the lash line and restore length and volume.

If the loss of eyelashes is significant, a corrective procedure is not advisable. In this case, complete removal of the remaining hairs and a new extension is recommended.

The Royal beauty salon in Forest Hills employs professional lash makers with extensive experience. They will take into account the peculiarities of appearance, be sure to take into account the wishes of the client, and give qualified recommendations. We will make your dream of perfect and charming eyelashes, a seductive and languid look, come true.

Eyelash extension effects

The classic extension allows you to get the visual effect of slightly tinted eyelashes. This method is chosen by girls who like natural shades and the most natural make-up if they only want to emphasize they are natural beauty to make a little accent.

The 2D extension also preserves the natural look. But, unlike the classics, in this case, the area of the eyelid and eyebrows becomes more expressive, and the eyelashes look like they are made up of mascara. Such eyelashes are suitable for everyday makeup and business and are festive.

Many masters consider a 3D extension to be the “golden mean”. The technique allows you to achieve thick and lush eyelashes. It is great for evening and festive events, photo shoots, and weddings.

Hollywood extension beauty salon recommends to girls who want to make a special accent on their eyes to achieve maximum expressiveness of the look.

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Eyelash shapes

Different forms of eyelashes are determined by the type of bend, which is indicated by Latin letters:

  • J – subtle, practical straight curve, creating the most natural effect of your eyelashes
  • B – a slight natural curve that creates the effect of greater openness of the eyes
  • C and CC – medium curve, one of the most popular types, giving the effect of expressive, wide eyes
  • D – pronounced bend
  • L and L+ are deep curves for a bold effect. Great for women who have their eyelashes growing down, deep-set eyes, lowered upper eyelids
  •  U – very curved eyelashes, creating a doll-like look

Our clients can choose eyelashes from 6 to 21 mm long and 0.07 to 0.3 mm thick. Production materials: “silk” (the thinnest), “mink” (denser), and “sable” (the thickest). These names are conditional so that the masters can distinguish them. All materials are of synthetic origin.

Standard eyelashes come in black and brown. However, to achieve a glamorous effect, you can choose any bright color: blue, emerald, purple, different shades of red and pink, silver, yellow, orange, etc., and a two-tone option – black in length with colored tips.

Our professional lash maker will always tell the client what kind of bend, length, and thickness is optimal in her case to emphasize the natural beauty and make the look more expressive.


Most frequent questions and answers

In the Royal beauty salon in Forest Hills, Queens, experts offer several ways to build up, allowing you to get a different volume:

  •  Incomplete volume. In this case, the master does the extension of only external eyelashes. It is also possible to add hairs through 1-2 eyelashes.
  • Classical method. It implies fixing eyelashes in a ratio of 1: 1. That is, for each natural eyelash, the master glues one artificial eyelash. The result is the most natural look without the use of mascara.
  • 2D technique. Fastening 2 artificial eyelashes to each natural. This method is characterized by the same natural look of eyelash extensions as the classic, but with greater density.
  • 3D technique. Fastening 3 artificial eyelashes to each own. This option is suitable for girls who want to focus on the shape of their eyes.
  • 4D technique. In this case, the master glues 4 thin artificial ones to each native eyelash of the client. The correct selection of the bend and length allows you to achieve a stunning volumetric effect.
  •  “Hollywood” (mega volume). A relatively new extension technique is also called “velvet”. It involves gluing 5–10 thin (up to 0.07 mm) synthetic hairs.

Extended eyelashes last from 3 to 8 weeks. To keep your eyelashes looking good, it is recommended to do a correction every 3-4 weeks.

Avoid contact with water, and do not visit places with high humidity.

Do not visit the sauna and bath.

Do not rub your eyes and do not touch your eyelashes, as there is a high probability that the artificial eyelash will fall off due to poorly dried glue.

The main thing is to prepare for it properly and find out if there is an allergy to glue or artificial cilia. Nevertheless, it is believed that the best period for going to the salon is the first half of the cycle when the period has already passed, and the hormonal background is stable.

This is a unique transformation of the eyes and the look as a whole. The latter, after the procedure, becomes as attractive, interesting, flirty, and bright as possible. Confirmation that eyelash extensions give such an effect is numerous photographs of models in magazines.